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Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center Radio Interview Transcription 
Peter Boyles: Hi, It’s Peter Boyles. I’m with my good friend and former House of Representatives member, Tom Tancredo.  Tom, describe to our listeners what living with tinnitus is like.

Tom Tancredo:  Well tinnitus is an annoying ringing in the ears, sometimes referred to as buzzing and other kinds of sounds. But, it becomes quite a distraction. It’s very difficult to concentrate; it can keep you from sleeping well at night.

Peter Boyles:  So Tom tell us about your experience at Colorado Tinnitus and really how they helped you.

Tom Tancredo: Believe me, I went everywhere in search of a remedy.  When I went to the Tinnitus Center I found that there was a product on the market called a Neuromonics device.  I certainly would recommend its usage.   By the way I am not being paid for it.   I am doing this because I believe that people that have this affliction should know that there is hope.

Peter Boyles: If you or someone you know is suffering from tinnitus, there are programs available that can help. Call Colorado Tinnitus Hearing Centers today, for more information.  303-534-0163. That’s 303-534-0163.

After waking up from surgery and after the painkillers had worn off, I found myself experiencing a raging case of tinnitus. I had never experienced anything like this. My ears rang constantly and extremely loudly. I could not rest or relax and sleeping required sleeping pills. Concentration was impossible. My G. P. the surgeon, and even other ear clinics said there was nothing they could do. (It would probably go away, they said). My friends and family were watching the desperation in me grow and I was experiencing panic. Waiting for this to simply "go away" did not seem like an option to me. I worried that I would not be able to concentrate enough to do my job.

Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center was running public service announcements on a radio station that a friend happened to be listening to and suggested I call. The response I received from them felt like a lifeline. They made time in a busy schedule to see me immediately and spent time, long over the standard office call allotment, to begin the process of education it takes to heal tinnitus. Their understanding of and compassion for the human experience is as important as the clinical knowledge of it. There really is hope for treatment but it requires cooperation and commitment of the patient. They help you understand what is going on physically with your ears and your brain and then support you in what you must do to help the treatment work.

It has been a year since this journey began. I spend most of the day unaware of my ears. At times they still ring but it is totally under control and at a level I can live with or ignore. Most of all I am not panicked about having tinnitus. I do not think I would be saying this without the help of the Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center and I emphatically want to pass on hope and support for any person with tinnitus. Only someone who has experience it knows how devastating it is. For me there was help and I feel fortunate to have found this compassionate group of people to assist me in healing.

Linda Wilson - Denver, Colorado

What do Current Patients have to say about Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center?

"The Audiologist at Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center understood what I was going through. They were very supportive and went out of their way to help me.“

"When they said there was no cure and that there is nothing you can do, I was quite devastated. I started having panic attacks, couldn't sleep, I got depressed, and I wondered if I would have my life back. I felt very alone. After starting Neuromonics, I feel like myself again. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from tinnitus.“

"My sensitivity to sound has gone away."

"I am finally getting relief from my tinnitus."

"I am more relaxed and I am not as upset as I used to be about my tinnitus."

"The tinnitus has been really good for the last 2 months since I started Neuromonics.I have to really listen to find the tinnitus."

"I can generally relax, read a book, and spend time with my family again."

"I have been sleeping much better."

"I can drive my car again. I haven't been able to do that since the tinnitus began."

"The music is very nice and pleasant to listen to, I find myself looking forward to the times that I am going to use my processor. It does work at it is very gentle.“

"I feel a lot less anxious and have a better quality of life."

"My wife notices that I am much more relaxed now since starting treatment."

"I can't believe how much better I am doing now and I am only in Stage 1 of treatment.""I have my life back and I can do what I want to do and I don't take any medications for sleeping anymore.“

"I came out of the depression that comes along with my tinnitus."

"My life has changed. I feel hopeful and uplifted and the tinnitus is not a big deal. It doesn't affect my life anymore."



The onset of my tinnitus came as a result of an automobile accident resulting in a concussion. Upon regaining consciousness, my head felt like it had a swarm of bees in it, with one very large angry "queen" bee and thousand of worker bees all buzzing at the top of their lungs. This 24/7 noise was traumatic with never a moment of silence. It caused anger, frustration, anxiety, a feeling of total despair and made me weary to the point of total exhaustion.

More times than I want to remember, I was ready to end it all (i.e. suicide). Then I went to Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center where Dr. Patty did some testing to evaluate my condition and recommended a course of treatment using the Neuromonics device. This device contained four tracks of soothing music and other sounds that I listened to. The device was comfortable to wear and I personally wore it 6 to 10 hours per day. It actually became my "security blanket"! It was wonderful, I actually noticed a remarkable difference after the first week, but it was a slow and steady progression over the period of a year with several evaluations and adjustments by Dr. Patty.

I still have tinnitus, but the volume of noise, frustration, anxiety and feeling of total despair are much, much better. In the beginning it was so terrible that I couldn't sleep, read the newspaper, watch TV, or concentrate on anything. My life was totally consumed by the unrelenting buzzing 24/7.

I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism, the real and sincere concern for me as a patient by Dr. Patty and the staff, and their dedication to detail in evaluation my condition and to designing a treatment plan to help me get better.

The moral to my story is DON'T MESS with an "ANGRY QUEEN BEE". Dr. Patty and the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment device, has literally given me a "New Lease on Life". IT WORKS!

To Your Good Health,

Ralph E. Miller - Salida, Colorado


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